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Colored Marriages of Saline County, MO., 1865-1870
Imagine former slaves finding a glimpse of freedom, through marriage. One of the first rights granted to freed-slaves was to legalize slave marriages. These records gave the names of the ex-slaves, as well as the names of children born of that union during slavery. Sometimes, a child was listed as that of the wife, but not the husband, but they were family nonetheless. Information from these records might link African American researchers to their slave ancestors.

Indexed by both groom and bride,  Colored marriages of Saline County, Mo., 1865-1870 holds a complete copy of the original 111 page Court Recorder Colored Marriage Record book. Also included are names of black settlements, church leaders that performed the marriages, and known black cemeteries of Saline County, MO.

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Colored Marriages 1865-1870

Colored Marriages 1865-1870

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Introduction and Recap of Project

The Colored Marriages of Saline County, MO, 1865-1870

Colored Marriages 1865-1870

Colored Marriages 1865-1870
Genealogy Saves History: Ex-Slave Marriage Register 1865-1870

Thanks to our 76 Backers and the multitude of supports, cheerleaders, sharers (is that a word?) and those who helped in your own way.

Jake Cooper pledged the first $1.00 on 13 Feb. And there were steady contributions from the genealogy community, Kickstarter angels, a3Genealogy clients, twitter and facebook followers.

With less than a week to go, Kim Cotton offered and matched pledges, Thomas Macentee "fired up" the genealogy community, and Leslie Madden Masson swooped in with a project saving donation. 

The last 48 hours of this project was filled with energy. Many of you doubled your pledges, refusing to see the project fail. It was in reach and only 7 hours to go. That's when MacEntee not only doubled his pledge,  but added the last $5.00 dollars to close the $105.00 gap. 

It could not have all happened without each of you. Thanks for sharing with your family, followers, fans, and friends. And a special thanks to Brendan Leonard for the use of his Slave Marriage video. 

Project updates will be be posted periodically. Stay tuned! 
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The Saline County project has great supporters. Our sponsors are advocates of saving history and preserving records. Many of our backers have blogs or websites, and are active on social networking sites. Enjoy the links as provided below. Just click on the links to follow their great blogs, websites and social networking links.

These links will be added and updated periodically. 
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